He cleaned up everything and his price was very reasonable!

My back windows face the lake so I was in dire need of window tint. I spoke to several companies. Many added on extra money since my top widows went up 22 feet high. Another one didn’t want to come to my house to give an accurate price. Someone else wanted to put tint over the tint that was already there (found out later this would have been an adhesive issue.)
I ended up hiring Steve Chambers, Metro Tint Texas. He came to my house. Offered several options. He even recommended one that was not my favorite but was a little less expensive. I went with his recommendation and HE WAS RIGHT. The Night Vision 25 tint is absolutely amazing. It is the perfect amount of shade and allows me to view the lake without any issues.
Steve did such a great job on those windows so I hired him again to complete the rest of my house.
He’s a good, trustworthy man. He knows his business. He cleaned up everything and his price was very reasonable. 5 Stars!!