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Metro Tint…the Process

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which includes CAD Design, CNC Cutting and Part Numbering, let Metro Tint show you why we are leading the way

Application Examples


All precut products are cut using Graffiti Shield’s CNC pre-cut system. All pieces fit perfectly on their given substrate and can be installed easily by anyone with minor training.

All pieces are measured and designed using a CAD program, ensuring a proper fit.

Part number engraving on all pieces to help identification for replacement. All piece are cataloged in our database for replacement orders as needed.

Long-lasting, proven adhesive systems. All Graffiti Shield products are manufactured with a removable adhesive system. This allows the adhesive to remove cleanly with the product replacement.
Proven products from proven systems. Graffiti Shield was founded by innovated and dedicated people that understand the needs of business and property owners.

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