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FAQ’s about both DefenseLite and BulletShield

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What is DefenseLite

A patented technology, DefenseLite is a ‘clear security shield ‘that installs over existing window and door glass creating a layer of protection designed to ‘keep the bad guys out’.

DefenseLite is 250 times stronger than glass, nearly invisible once installed and an affordable solution that works.

Utilizing proprietary high-optic UV coated shields, multi-layer thin films and tough structural adhesives and anchors, DefenseLite is an engineered solution that combines the best of materials science with an easy retrofit installation solution.

What is BulletShield by DefenseLite

BulletShield by DefenseLite is a retrofit, bullet resistant, ‘clear security shield’ that installs over existing window and door glass.

BulletShield is “Body Armor for Windows” and independently tested to meet UL752 ratings for ballistic protection.

How is DefenseLite Installed

DefenseLite is installed over your existing window and door glass by certified installers.

Mounted either on the exterior or interior of your current glass, DefenseLite anchors to your existing window frames creating an airspace between the primary glass and the DefenseLite clear shield.

Weather sealed and engineered for removal when needed, DefenseLite is custom made for every window opening and designed to blend into the existing framing.

DefenseLite is nearly invisible upon a completed installation.

What are the benefits of DefenseLite other than security

DefenseLite can reduce street noise by up to 40% and improve energy efficiency of existing glass by over 50%.

DefenseLite will defeat most attacks while protecting the primary glass from breaking.

DefenseLite incorporates a proprietary sacrificial film coating on its surface that defeats graffiti tagging while protecting the shield from damage.

What is the warranty for DefenseLite

DefenseLite warranties range from a minimum of 2 years up to 15 years depending on the system installed. Custom warranties and service agreements are available.

Does BulletShield meet UL752 standards

Yes. BulletShield has been independently tested to UL752 standards and are ballistic rated. All ballistic test reports are available for review.

How much does DefenseLite and BulletShield cost

Professionally installed DefenseLite systems install for 30-50$ per square foot. BulletShield systems are installed from $90 psf to $275 psf depending on required ballistic performance, project size, location and existing glazing framing.

How does DefenseLite compare to other solutions

DefenseLite is unique. Clear and unobtrusive in appearance like security window films, DefenseLite performs like roll down grills and gates from a forced entry perspective.

DefenseLite does not break under attack like expensive laminated glass and is easily replaced if ever damaged.

Are there special DefenseLite programs for schools

Yes, Defenselite has a program designed specifically for schools and campuses.

Making schools safer for our children is the most important service we provide.

Are there special programs for NSSF members

Yes, DefenseLite has a program designed specifically for NSSF members.

Like you, we want to keep stolen firearms off the streets and have discounted our installed systems for NSSF members in order to protect as many stores as possible.

Are there special programs for NRF, LPRC, and CLEAR members


Many NRF members are under relentless assault from smash and grab criminals. DefenseLite has special pricing, warranty and service agreements for all NRF members.

Our aim is to promote the adoption of these products within the LP/AP community while stopping this violent crime.

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