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Metro Tint…and CoolVu

Optimize Daylight, Enhance Wellness

CoolVu Commercial


CoolVu Commercial Film

– Transition up to 35% in direct sunlight
– Block 99.9% of the sun’s UV radiation
– Stop 80% of the sun’s IR heat energy
– Safe for insulated and LowE glass
– Maximize nighttime viewing through glass
– Average job (20-30 windows) installed at $16-20 psf

CoolVu Transitional Commercial Window Film

CoolVu adapts to the sun’s intensity on your window and door glass, providing for advanced sun control when needed most.


CoolVu maximizes daylight throughout the entire day – rain or shine – reducing reliance on artificial interior lighting sources.

CoolVu Transitional Window Films are an entirely new category of sun control products.

Designed with occupant wellness and optimal solar performance embedded in its DNA, CoolVu’s stable photochromic technology is the world’s first dynamically performing climate responsive film technology.

Building glass, curtain wall, retail storefront and residential properties all benefit from CoolVu’s adaptive nature and impressive solar performance.

The Next Evolution of Commercial Window Films

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Metro Tint and CoolVu, a Powerful combination for your needs!