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These 5 videos are NOT finished. I still have to:

– add a ‘splash image’ (an image that viewers see prior to clicking on the video) to each video
– add any text/content you want on each video
– Maybe add text to the left and right side of each video where the color is? (since videos are virtually done, I added color as a background and we could add text/images over said colorized background.
– anything else you want to do prior to me redoing them and adding them to the page
> NOTE: once there done and approved, I would need to know where you want me to add them on the DefenseLite page….But, I believe you’ll have more conent for me and we can discuss video placement after you give me the content to add to DefenseLite page…

DefenseLite Baseball Bat Test

DefenseLite Brick Test

DefenseLite Claw Hammer Test

DefenseLite Hatchet Attack

DefenseLite Maul Test